The Final Walk-Through

One of the most anticipated days during the home buying process is when you have your walk-through which is usually scheduled sometime right before the closing of escrow.  This step happens when you as the buyer and your agent explore your home-to-be and check to be sure it is in the condition specified in the contract. It's probably the first time you've been back in a few weeks or so and it's empty now of the seller's possessions. It's going to look and feel much different without furnishings and probably won't have that "live in" feel but it will be easier to envision yourself in the space now.  The seller is responsible for having the place empty unless there were some things included in the purchase contract in writing.  Take the time to look around the interior and exterior of the property to be sure all the seller's stuff is gone.  You don't want to be stuck with unwanted "junk".



Be sure everything is as it should be and was agreed upon. Sometimes, buyers are so excited to close that they quickly

whisk through the walk-through.  This can sometimes lead to small issues once the buyers take ownership.  It's smart to think things through and be diligent, carefully making your way throughout the house.  Make sure the floors are swept and cleaned, carpets vacuumed, bathrooms and kitchens wiped down.  Test the appliances to be sure they still work. It doesn't hurt to test out the electrical outlets. Bring your cell phone and plug it into the outlets as you move from room to room.  Make sure you receive all the keys: a complete set of every door lock in the house, shed and garage. And don't forget the alarm codes if any.  If it's a condo you purchased, be sure you've received the mailbox, pool, storage and unit keys.


The journey toward home ownership if often long with ups and downs along the way.  The final walk-through is one of the last steps of what could be multiple year processes.  It is helpful to prepare yourself for it by having a checklist and keeping your emotions in check. This will help ease the way towards a smooth close of escrow.