Haiku Homes

Haiku, Maui

Haiku is on the north shore of the island and follows the elevation of Haleakala.  The rainfall ranges from perhaps 50-100 inches per year. The closer you are to the ocean (lower elevation) the less the rainfall.  The area is typically always green with lots of vegetation.  Overall in 2016, there was a total of 62 homes sold in Haiku with an average median sales price $840,000.

This area is more rural with few subdivisions but many neighborhood clusters. There are several well established areas with older structures that have lots of character.  

You can enjoy some amazing ocean views from many areas but still have the jungle feel of the rainforest that is part of much of this area.

The center of town features a few small shops, a yoga studio and a range of restaurants typically focused on organic or health-food. The Pauwela Cannery has a hardware store and is a hub for many local artisans.