Kihei Homes

Located on the South Side of Maui is the town of Kihei, an area known for its dry, warm sunny days - it experiences less than 13 inches of rain annually. Kihei Maui is bordered by pristine, white sandy beaches and South Kihei Road meandering along the coast. While Kihei is on the south side of the island, it actually faces west.

One of the many attractions of life in Kihei is the amazing sunset view overlooking Molokini and Lana?i. There is truly no better way to end a picture-perfect day on Maui. These vivid, postcard-style vistas are one of the main reasons buyers search the Kihei real estate market.

As one of the fastest-growing areas in the state, the Kihei Maui real estate market has been experiencing solid price momentum.  Historically Kihei, compared to other areas on Maui, provides comparative value on a dollar-per-square foot basis but growth and demand may be changing that picture for the future. Thus far in 2016, approximately 145 homes sold in the area with a median price of $620,000.