Maui Places Of Interest and Tourism


No discussion of places of interest across west Maui would be complete without mentioning Haleakala National Park. Covering 33,000 acres, the Haleakala National Park averages over 1.4million visitors per year and provides stunning insights in to (into) the geology that makes up the island of Maui. The most famous feature of the park is undoubtedly the Haleakala Crater, which is the summit of a now dormant volcano and spans over 6.99 miles in size. The morning sunrise over the Haleakala Crater is truly something to behold. And for this reason, many visitors plan their trips around the early mornings and early evenings in order to capture that lasting image of the sun rising and falling behind the serene mountain landscape. A visit to the Haleakala National Park is recommended for the entire family. Although those without full mobility may find some of the walking trails a challenge, there are areas where driving is permitted to achieve that great vantage point overlooking the scenery.

The road to Hana, often described as an 'experience' more than a drive, with its stunning views of the rainforest, waterfalls, and ruggedly beautiful eastern Maui coastline is only 52 miles from Kahului, but can take anywhere from two to four hours to complete with hairpin turns, narrow roads and frequent stops to take in the breathtaking island views. The Hana Highway has 620 curves and 59 bridges, so definitely plan on a full day outing!