Upcountry Maui Homes

Rising on the slopes of Haleakala crater, the Maui Upcountry real estate market encompasses the areas of Makawao, Pukalani, Olinda and Kula. Combining fertile, grass-laden land with tropical temperatures, many argue that Maui Upcountry offers the best climate in the world. Despite this alluring fact, Maui upcountry homes for sale offer good market value per square foot when compared to other areas in Maui.

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Upcountry MauiIf you are searching for quiet country living with breathtaking views, you should check out the Maui Upcountry real estate market.

Upcountry is home to a diverse collection of farms, ranches, luxury country estates and quaint local plantation villages. Here you can transport yourself from lush pasture lands to world-renowned beaches in less than an hour.

For those of you who are looking for a home in Maui's mountains, Upcountry Maui is the ideal destination. The high elevations around Haleakala provide a stunning view of the island, and single-family homes here are

appealing to buyers looking for a rural home on the island. Maui Upcountry real estate provides expansive views and a location a ways away from the tourist-heavy resort destinations. This makes Maui Upcountry Hawaii particularly appealing to those who are looking to move to the island permanently. Buyers will find a variety of single-family homes and condos for sale.

Due to the surge in housing development beginning in the early 2000s, along with growing demand, Upcountry areas have experienced significant price appreciation within a relatively short period of time. Maui Upcountry real estate prices are robust.  Individuals looking to relocate to Maui will find that Maui Upcountry offers affordable options with excellent perks compared to other parts of the island.  In 2016, approximately 183 homes sold in the Upcountry areas of Makawao, Olinda, Kula and Pukalani areas selling with a median price of $655,000.

Upcountry Maui is one of the more heavily agricultural areas of the island, and also home to Maui's highest peak, which is located in Haleakala National Park. Many pieces of Maui Upcountry real estate offer views that span the agricultural fields, with the mountains in the backdrop.

Fresh farm produce is easy to come by for those who purchase Upcountry Maui homes, and the fertile soil makes growing a personal garden simple as well for those who are making a permanent home on the island.

One of the benefits of shopping for Upcountry Maui homes is the number of views available to home buyers in this area, due to the elevation of the region.  The price for any particular piece of Maui Upcountry real estate will vary depending on the type of view the home offers. Maui Upcountry real estate options include a number of spacious estates on the mountains that appeal to luxury buyers. 

Life on Maui is filled with days at the beach, lounging by the surf. Yet Maui Upcountry real estate options prove that the island offers more than this. With the homes for sale in this rural, mountainous part of the island, home buyers can enjoy a quieter side of Maui life.